3D Digital Image Multi Dimensional Wheel Aligner


  • High precision high speed industrial camera-LED 3 dimensional Imaging Camera.
  • Interactive Software provide demo screens that assist the technician to easily proceed systematically through the adjustment process.
  • Based on perspective using special reflective material, high resolution power free Targets built with anti corrosion components & capable of withstanding rugged use & occasional dropping.
  • Software has been designed to be compatible with windows 7 and capable of future up gradation.
  • Optional Wireless Remote controller to navigate between the different stages of software.
  • The repeated measurement Error is within international standard+/-0.04 dg which meets the need of super luxury cars, more accurately.
  • Super Low chassis vehicles can be detected.
  • Professional Adjustment programme ( Volkswagen VAG special procedures) for Audi AG & Pass at B5. \
  • Intelligent Indicative Light — No need to see the computer screen in the process of vehicle pushing. Indicative light around camera could guide the operation.
  • Vehicle pushing dynamic measurement without