Automatic Tyre Changer for Cars (TC 550)


  • Pneumatic back tilting post, vertical and horizontal arm can be locked pneumatically at the same time.
  • Larger and thicker turntable, dismounting 11″ -24″ rim and max. tire diameter 1100mm.
  • Taller vertical arm, dismounting max. tire width 330mm,
  • 40A reverse switch .silver point, which can bear more pressure and work for a long time.
  • The hexangular shaft is made of S41, which can avoid the distortion and error when operate the 11″-24″ stiff tire.
  • Foot pedal is made of high quality steel material which can work for a long time.
  • The Clamping Jaws and mounting Demounting Head are made of High quality alloy steel and are of scientific structural design protects Rim from any damage during operation
  • Powerful Ø 100 cylinder.
  • High Powered Double acting Bead Breaking Cylinder
  • The self centering 4 Jaws chuck ensures precise and quick clamping of all types of Rim from inside as well as outside
  • Strong Pneumatic Cylinders guarantee sufficient Clamping effort even under full load
  • New Oversized Bead Breaking Shovel with Unique Plastic Protection cover over the blade for gentle bead breaking
  • The napped solid rubber contact pad prevents wet tyres from slipping