CCD 4 Wheel RF Aligner (7000 RF)


  • High-resolution CCD(Charge Coupled Device) Measuring System. All angles are measured by means of the 8-sensor

    CCD camera system with a measuring range of +/-25degrees. No electronic turntables are needed since the caster swing is measure( either 10,14 or 20 degrees for high accuracy by use of the CCD camera.

  • DSP High-Speed ProcessorHighly integrated, 32-bit microprocessor acquires real-time measurements to provide immediate response between changes in actual measurement and display values.

    Wireless, 30 Channels High Speed Communication – XF high Frequency Radio Technology

    RF sensor feature a 43.3 MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum transmitter that support up to 30 channels, virtually eliminating the potential for cross-talk problems .Batteries provide a full day of

    continuous operation .Power level are displayed on screen. Calibration “ZERO” Setting

    Set the measurement units in level, press “zero” button to calibrate digital inclinometers and toes.

  • Calibration “ZERO” SettingSet the measurement units in level, press “zero” button to calibrate digital inclinometers and toes.
  • Cal-Check Toe Calibration and Range FinderThe Quattro measurement system has 8 toe-sensors so the vehicle is framed on all four sides. It is therefore possible, besides all toe angles, also to measure Rear Axle Setback, Side Offset, Axle Offset and. Wheel Base Difference. Also continuous check of the accuracy is performed. An on screen display alerts the technician if calibration is required.

    Rechargeable Li-ion battery with large capacity that can work constantly for 72 hour. 7000 RF CCD 4 Wheel RF Aligner Window XP operating system. More then 10,000 types of Auto Specifications Database Camber adjustment on Raised wheels.

  • Measurement Angles.Front Axle : Caster, Camber, Toe, Setback, Toe out on turns, Tracking Figure, Toe Constant, Steering Angle Rear Axle : Camber, Toe, Setback, Thrust Angle Geometry : Side Offset, Axle Offset, Wheel Base Difference & Track

    width Difference. Live Caster Adjustment