Steam Car Washer

Steam Booster System produces nothing but steam which directly implies that it uses less water. It can clean a car using just 2 litres(approx.) of water, whereas a conventional power washing system uses close to 100 litres. Our steam car washer allows every area of the vehicle to be cleaned to a biological and forensic standard without leaving behind any waste, water, foam or chemicals. No additional equipment or disposal facility is needed for this product.

Technical Specification ET-26SW

Weight:  100 KG
Hose Length:  10 Mts
Water Tank Capacity:  26 litres
Wax Tank Capacity:  10 Litres
Diesel Fuel Capacity:  10L
Electric Power Rate:  110-220V
Washing LXWXH:  21.3 x 35.6m x 29.5 Metres
Electric Power Consumption:  200W
Steam Generator:  Diesel Fires Coil Technology
Steam Temperature:  80-90C(170-203F)
Preheating Time:  Below 1 minute
Water Consumption:  600-1200cc/min(users can adjust)
Material:  Stainless Steel
Automatic Wax Mixing Device:  ON/OFF Function with time control


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