Touchless Wash 3.5 Minutes

The line voltage to the sensor is 24 DC volts.
Emergency Push Button is provided in case of any Emergency stop.
Soft Natural Rubber guards are provided on the moving arms for vehicle safety.
TCW reduces Time, Man power and Cost.
Car is placed stationary and cleaning is done by 14 jet nozzles for body wash & 14 jet
nozzles for shampoo.
Control Panel has Automatic as well as Manual mode.
The ULTRASONIC SENSORS are provided for Automatically Sensing the car length.
All materials exposed to water are made of Stainless Steel (SS 304).
Torque limiter controls the equipment if any obstruction.
The Washing system is controlled by PROGRAMABLE LOGIC CIRCUITS (PLC).


Required space (LxWxH):   6700 x 4250 x 3700 mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH):   5500 x 3950 x 3080 mm
Max.washable dimension of cars:   4750 x 1900 x 1900 mm
Input supply:   3Ph, 415v, 50 Hz
Connected Load:   9 HP
Power consumption per car:   0.6 units
Water consumption per car:   110 litres
Shampoo consumption per car:    7 ml /car (Recommended dilution – 1:700)
Operating pressure:   22 bar


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